I can not create more certificates for my subdomains of my main domain

It had 20 subdomains including the main domain with the Let’s Encrypt certificate, but I deleted 10 subdomains, but it says that it already reached the certificate limit for the domain.

What happens? I am using Virtualmin to generate the Let’s Encrypt certificates for my domains and subdomains.
And I have my own VPS

What can I do to create more certficados for my subdomains

You’ve probably hit some rate limit and will have to wait a few days before you can get any more certs.
You should probably read through the rate limit doc and be sure to understand all of them.
Then check your domain(s) at crt.sh
And count how many you have issued recently and compare that to the limit(s).


So I just have to wait a few days to generate more SSL certificates again?

How long I have to wait?
In the list I see 4 elements

I can only be sure, if you share the domain.
I can help you read and understand the limits better.

Thanks for your help <3
My domain is https://www.kicarding.us

Take a look at: https://crt.sh/?q=%kicarding.us (added a wildcard search in front)
That is a much bigger list of names.

Uff ;(
How long do you think I should wait to generate more certificates?

It looks like you hit 20 certs per single domain.

The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain, (20 per week).

So you can issue new certs one week from the issued date/time of the oldest one.
Which seems to have been:
Not Before: May 3 15:25:52 2018 GMT
So, on that +7 days
Not Before: May 10 15:25:52 2018 GMT

What does that mean?
Does that help something?

https://letsdebug.net/www.kicarding.us/150 will show you the time remaining from the time of the test.

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Now that is mighty convenient!
Here I am using a slide rule… and an abacus!

I remember tablets when they were from actual stone.
Moses brought us two new ones down form the mountain.
They only had 40 chars per line max and 5 lines per tablet back then.

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Thank you very much to all, I had no knowledge of that limit, well not so well.
Many thanks especially to you rg305

My pleasure - we both learned something today :smile:

Also, if you hit that limit again next week:
Look into combining cert names onto less certs.
By that I mean that one cert can hold 100 names.
Maybe you can take advantage of that.
Or maybe even a wildcard cert ("*.kicarding.us") - that could cover a whole lot of names!

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