Possibly dumb question: how to install CertBot manual plugin on Macbook?



I’m signed up as Reseller Account with A Small Orange - and want to install LetsEncrypt on my domain: ipracticegolf.com : have generated CSR through CPanel and they have offered to install my LetsEncrypt certificate.

Am I right in assuming I need to use the manual CERTBOT plugin (ASO shared hosting is Apache / CentOS) – and if so how do I install it on my MacBook so I can run locally - is it just through terminal?

Sorry but its not immediately obvious to me from reading the manual. If someone can confirm I would be eternally grateful.

Cheers from NZ


Hi @CristoforoM54, you can certainly do so using your Terminal, but if you’re not used to installing command-line software on macOS you could also consider using the web-based tools at https://zerossl.com/.

This will walk you through the process inside your web browser and give you the private key and certificate at the end. The private key is generated in your browser so the web site operator will not have a copy.

When using either approach you should be aware that you will need to repeat it every three months because the certificate expires in 90 days (so you’ll need to obtain a new certificate and send it to your hosting provider again). Because of this kind of inconvenience we have been encouraging hosting providers to automate the process for their users; they have the ability to do so and we’re happy to work with them to enable their integrations. However, that is up to each hosting provider.


Hi @schoen – thank you so much for pointing out zerossl.com ! It was very easy in the end.

It took me a little while to get this set up with ASO but mainly due to complexity with my site redirections. Now that I know the process its a lot quicker.

Thanks again - you guys are awesome.


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