Generate Certs on my alternate machine


Howdy, i want to be able to install CertBot on my Linux desktop machine at home and use certbot to generate certs of around 20 domains which are hosted by Newtek (who for some reason dont support Lets Encrypt from what i can see) and then use the cPanel interface to install the certs manually I cannot find anyway to do this.

Can anyone point me in right direction?

Looking forward to any replies




You’ll need to install certbot and then probably run certbot with DNS authentication mode (since the site is not hosted on that machine)
Then, after you obtained the certificates, install it on cPanel manually.

P.S. if your hosting provider have ssh / shell access, you might be able to use to request & install the certificate via command line.

Thank you


Hi @terrytokyo

does your cPanel supports Letsencrypt? If yes, this is a better solution.


Sorted it. Using DNS and TXT records. So simple!! Thank you


Just beware of renewals: if you created the TXT records manually then you’ll have to repeat this process every time the certificate is going to expire! (That’s why we recommend using a DNS provider API to automate this instead.)


Yeah absolutely. Mu plan is to re-host everything soon on AWS Lightsail at which point ill be using the auto-renew function using CertBot. Thanks for your help


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