Posh-ACME 3.17.0 Release

Posh-ACME is a PowerShell based ACMEv2 client that supports both Windows PowerShell 5.1+ and PowerShell Core 6.0+. You can find the project site here:

You can download directly from GitHub or install via PowerShell Gallery.

3.17.0 (2020-10-09)

  • NOTE: Let's Encrypt is now restricting RSA private key sizes to 2048, 3072, and 4096 for certificates. But Posh-ACME will continue to allow custom key sizes which may still work with other certificate authorities.
  • New-PAAccount and Set-PAAccount -KeyRollover now have a -KeyFile parameter that can be used to import an existing private key instead of generating a new one from scratch.
  • Added Export-PAAccountKey which can be use to export your ACME account private key as a standard Base64 encoded PEM file.
    • For Boulder-based CAs, this can be used to recover lost ACME account configurations if you run New-PAAccount with the -KeyFile parameter and specify the exported key.
  • Updated Zonomi plugin to support alternative providers who use a compatible API. (#282)
  • Fixed a bug in OVH plugin that would prevent TXT record deletion in some cases. (#283)
  • Fixed a bug in many plugins that would prevent TXT record editing when the record name was also the zone root (#280) (Thanks @ShaBangBinBash)
  • Fixed tutorial syntax error (#277) (Thanks @Leon99)
  • Fixed errors in Get-PAAuthorizations when returned object has no 'expires' property. (#276) (Thanks @mortenmw)
  • Changed bad nonce retry message from Debug to Verbose so people using PowerShell's transcript features will see it more easily.
  • A generic platform value has been added to the user agent string the module sends with its ACME requests.
  • Tests have been updated for use with Pester v5. Running them in a dedicated PowerShell process is recommended.

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