Please try again in 5-10mins. It means Let's Encrypt is too busy

My domain is:

I ran this command: certificate being generated via ""

It produced this output:

There was an error.
Check that these are valid:,

If they are correct. Please try again in 5-10mins. It means Let's Encrypt is too busy.

I'm using a shared hosted vm on GoDaddy and it does not allow me to install certbot on the vm to renew via the cli. To work around this, I generate the certificate via this website "" and then copy the certs to the GoDaddy / cPanel interface. I have two servers setup like this. the certificate was renewed for the one but this one fails. The domain does work as you can access it after you accept the security notice.

I have retired the process but get the same error. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Your domains look fine. I think the problem is with the client you're using.

You can try another one. CertSage comes to mind, if you're on GoDaddy shared hosting.


Let's Encrypt has added New "Service Busy" responses beginning during high load to help with Brief overloads at midnight UTC (a request for help!) which happens typically around midnight (00:00) UTC.


I discourage using PxSalad at all. It handles the ACME interaction on its own servers so has access to your private key. I don't know that they abuse that. But, it's best practice to keep your private key, well, private.

It's almost certain the error is from their website and is not related to Let's Encrypt at all.

A Let's Debug test shows no problems with your domain. A different ACME client is the way to go such as CertSage as 9peppe already noted (search this forum for it)


I second the motion: Please don't use that site to get LE certs.


For GoDaddy/cPanel your best option is probably to use CertSage:


Good morning,

Thank you to all for the prompt response. The SSL issue has been resolved.

@Mike, CertSage was very straightforward and simple to set up. Thanks for recommending it. I will definitely use CertSage going forward.


Very happy you found CertSage useful to you and much thanks to all here who recommended it. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you should have any further questions, feel free to ask here in the Let's Encrypt Community.


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