OCI domain not available for SSL certificate-certbot

After following the tutorial to point a domain from Google to Oracle:


I published changes and waited to see if my public IP would really associate. All seems well done, but the domain is not accessible.

I need to generate an SSL certificate with Certbot installation on my Ubuntu22, I can't find this peace of information:

certbot certonly --webroot [WEBSERVERROOT] -d [DOMAINS]

eg.: certbot certonly --webroot -w /var/www/html/example.com/ -d www.example.com,example.com

So, I need a tip or two to get my domain accessible and find the server address to download a certificate.

My setup:

Ubuntu 22 Docker - Portainer Apache 2 Domain origin: google Domain: https://www.tommypet.com/

Welcome @Aqibjamshed12

Are you working with this person on that website / domain name? Because they are using the same domain name but its DNS is in Cloudflare.

Putting that aside for now ...

You can find install instructions for certbot here:

And its command line docs are here

You might also want to review the intro topics at Let's Encrypt website


Currently, it's not.


I wonder why my post is being reposted by @Aqibjamshed12

@Deborah Did you move your domain from Cloudflare to Oracle DNS?

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yes I did.

Ah, OK, just like OP from this thread.. But from Cloudflare to Oracle, not from Google to Oracle.

Very strange this..


Yes. First post was updated to show a diff domain so maybe just a copy / paste issue? (I hope)

Anyway, @Aqibjamshed12, I see your domain server returns a wildcard cert created on May13. Your first post asked about using the --webroot which uses an HTTP challenge. You cannot use an HTTP challenge to get a wildcard you must use a DNS challenge instead.

The documentation links I provided earlier also show using DNS challenge. But, if you still need help can you please explain more about what you are trying to do? Thanks


it was in cloudlfare.
I went to oracle, pulling it from google, since I bought it in there.
but oracle is even harder to config, so I am back to cloudflare... painfull thing to have a multisite wordpress on a cloud huh?!!

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