Notice for unknown domains "Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain ..."

Hello, I have received email notifications for domains I do not own and am in no way affiliated with:
"Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain ..."


Must I be concerned that my email is being used? Or has there been some mixup in the database?

The emails look legit:

from: Let's Encrypt Expiry Bot
date: 8 Jan 2022, 03:27
subject: Let's Encrypt certificate expiration notice for domain (and 1 more)
Signed by:

Thanks in advance,

Most likely it's that your email is being used. We've seen some shared web hosts (see threads 1, 2, 3, 4) that didn't realize (or didn't implement correctly) that the email address is supposed to be the subscriber that can do something about renewals, and end up having all their domains be on an ACME account with an email address that just happens to be for one of their domains.)

Do you have any domains with a Let's Encrypt certificate? If so, is it something integrated with your hoster's control panel or do you run your own client like Certbot on a virtual server?


Hey, thanks! I had suspected something like this. Will look into it and contact the web hosts! Thank you!

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What is your domain name? Do you use the Pressable wordpress hosting platform from Wordpress/Automattic?

The other domains are on IP addresses allocated to Pressable. All their certificates are issued as ",{EXAMPLE.COM},{}" so they are not bundling those domains with yours, but may be registering domains to your email address as @petercooperjr suggested.


No, I don't use Pressable - but thanks for the idea!

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