No response to command execution

I execute certbot -v and nothing happens

Did you install Certbot using snap?

Does anything happen if you restart snapd and then try again?

sudo systemctl restart snapd

Nothing happens


Does certbot --version work now? Or it still hangs?

no effect

I see.

I thought you meant the command hangs, but you meant that it produces no output at all.

Which instructions did you use to install Certbot?

What's the output of:

 snap list
 which certbot

Yes, I execute the command without any output

/usr/sbin/certbot is not a path used by any Certbot package, to the best of my knowledge.

Try remove it and hopefully the snap version of Certbot will run instead:

mv /usr/sbin/certbot /usr/sbin/certbot.bak
certbot --version

Does certbot need to be uninstalled and reinstalled?

Thanks i have solved it

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