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I ran this command:

It produced this output:

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Hi there,

Great plugin!

I issued a new cert to my website ( but does not show as secure on the homepage - all other pages are OK.

I have run and it all comes back OK:

Internet Explorer shows as secure, but Chrome, FF, etc. don’t.

I’m not sure what else to do…hope you can help.

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If you just check the Chrome developer toolbar, the security tab to begin with, you’ll see Chrome complaining about mixed content.

It then suggests to reload the page. If you reload the page, it’ll tell you to go to the Network tab, where it adds the filter “mixed-content:displayed” to that tab.

With that filter activated, you’ll see a request for

This content might be loaded by a script. Perhaps that’s why WhyNoPadlock doesn’t show it. Good luck hunting down where it comes from.


That is really helpful - thanks for taking the time in looking at that for me!

I will dig deeper and try to find the culprit :slight_smile:

I’ll close this now, as that will be the issue!



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