No automatic renewal with nginx possible?

My domain is:

I ran this command: -

It produced this output: -

My web server is (include version): nginx

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): ?

My hosting provider, if applicable, is:

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): no

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): ispConfig

The automatic renewal does not work with my hosting provider. I am not a technician - I can’t fix this anyway. What helps me is to know, if this is a LetsEncrypt problem or an insufficient configuration of the nginx webserver.

Thanks very much to anyone who is willing to share his knowledge with me.



This might be an insufficient configuration....
Since my site (with nginx) would autorenew if i configture correctly.

Thank you


Nginx is just the "user" of the certificate. An ACME client is responsible for the renewal and reloading of nginx. This is probably done by your control panel. If you're having issues, contact your hosting provider.

ISPConfig seems to have auto-renew feature... The hosting provider might just not configturing correctly....

Hi @nefu

what's the problem? You have a Letsencrypt-certificate, created today. Looks fine :wink:

I did contact my hosting provider. They tell me, they are not responsible for this feature.

I did this “by hand” . sorry for my poor Englisch. I don’t won’t to do this for all of my customers though.

Do you happen to have a error message from ISPConfig? (or it just a simple failure with no error?)

No errors , nothing I can see. Just all websites are not protected anymore.

Ah, that would have been crucial information for us.

Well, than your renewal would be "by hand" too I'm afraid. Because a renewal is just a newly signed certificate, but than for the same hostnames as the previous certificate. So the only way to get that new certificate, is to do everything over again.

Unless your ISPconfig panel has a Let's Encrypt plugin of course, but something tells me you would have used that earlier, if you had the chance

Yes. I used this feature with ISPconfig , but it does not work.

by hand … means that I used the “auto-renewal-botton” once more and saved this action under ISPconfig.

Which feature exactly? Please give us more details. Did you do stuff 100 % by hand? As in, use a webbased client such as and manually uploaded the cert from your computer to ISPconfig? Or did you "by hand" click a single button in ISPconfig to get and install the certificate with one press of that button?

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Can anyone tell me, what I have to tell my hosting provider to fix this AMCE client configuration? This is the only way to make them give up their position "none of my business"

Thank you!

Looks like your hoster has a “great limitation”:

Using Letsencrypt without automation.

This is bad, really bad.

PS: This is not a problem / limitation of nginx. It’s a limitation of your hoster.


I faced the similar situation as hosting provider did not configure correctly. You are right, auto-renew features is available.

Thanks guys. I very much appreciated your opinions, but my provider simply sticks to his opinion that Lets Encrypt still is in a kind of beta-status and therefore not working as reliable as it should.

I don´t get any further on this as myself I don’t have the kind of knowledge to successfully argue with this provider-tech-guys. I now have to accept theirs “thats your problem”.

Have a nice day!

I guess the hundreds of millions of successfully-issued certificates are just a fluke. Sounds like it's time for a less user-hostile hosting provider.

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You can find another hoster which does have proper support for Let's Encrypt in the "Web Hosting who support Let’s Encrypt"-thread.