New nonce api return nothing

Hi all,
My server connected the protocol with head method, but respone returned nothing and caused timeout. Is there a problem with tha /acme/new-noncet endpoint ?

$ curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx
Replay-Nonce: pZLjDmInSvsxbq1XRsQcFzjBQpbLkXseMKwf8FUQhdA

Can you try a curl with -m 10 -vvv to see what IP address it’s connecting to?

Thanks for your help. I found the reason is: the response returned data changes. It doesn’t include the ‘204 No Content’ string anymore.

Great! You can read about why that change happened here: ACME v2 - Change to HTTP Status Code for HEAD new-nonce

Subscribing to the “API Announcements” forum is a good idea for all developers working with the ACME protocol, as you will be notified in advance by email about any breaking changes like this.


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