No 204 Code on Nonce Check


Trying to load new certificates in a Laravel App using a repo to load certificates. With staging true we now get this error locally as well as on staging server:

php artisan ssl-controller:update-certificate true
Certificate updating now.
+ Starting ...

In NonceService.php line 89:

  Get new nonce failed, the url is:

Checking we see that a 204 seems to not take place

private function getNew()
        $newNonceUrl = Client::$runtime->endpoint->newNonce;
        list($code, $header, ) = RequestHelper::head($newNonceUrl);
        if ($code != 204)
            throw new NonceException("Get new nonce failed, the url is: {$newNonceUrl}");
        $nonce = CommonHelper::getNonceFromResponseHeader($header);
        if (!$nonce)
            throw new NonceException("Get new nonce failed, the header doesn't contain `Replay-Nonce` filed, the url is: {$newNonceUrl}");
        return $nonce;

Any idea why this would happen?


The 204 was never to spec.

You can get email notifications for any posts in that forum, it’s a really valuable thing to do as a client developer.


@_az I will subscribe. This as we will be using ACME2 / LE a lot in the near future. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it a lot!

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