V2 API: /directory and nonce


When I first developed Net::ACME2 the /directory endpoint returned a nonce.

This appears to have changed now, and the Net::ACME2 examples are broken.

(I notice that Pebble includes Replay-Nonce with /dir requests.)

Was this an intended change? I can make Net::ACME2 do a separate HEAD request, but of course that’s an additional round-trip that wasn’t needed before.

Yes, this was an intentional change. Sorry we had it wrong previously. The latest ACME spec provides nonces only on new-nonce requests, and in reply to POSTs.


Got it … Net::ACME2 is updated. Thanks!

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Thanks for flagging. I will backport this change to Pebble as well. Apologies for missing that.

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