GetSSL bash script supporting ACME v2

GetSSL, a bash script has a beta release ( ) which supports both the API v1 and APIv2 - I’ve noticed a couple of differences between using the development pebble and the staging-v02.api these have been corrected though.

Please provide any testing / feedback / issues on the GetSSL github site.


Hi @serverco,

That’s great news :tada:

Can you expand on this? Were these differences between Pebble and the V2 API that should be corrected on our end, or differences you found in GetSSL?


Both :wink:

The nonce - pebble returns “replay-nonce” and staging provides “Replay-Nonce”

If an account is already registered - in pebble it returned a 200 code from memory, whereas staging ( correctly) returns a 409 code.

I think there were a couple of others - where’s best to flag them ? on the pebble github ? or here ?

Also, as a note. Staging-v02 was having a lot of 500 errors 5 hours or so ago - I guess lots of testing going on :wink:

Hmm. I’ll have to think about which of these is the correct capitalization to be using. Maybe the answer is “either should be accepted”.

It looks like this one has peculated up to a Boulder issue. Agreed that this is a bug :slight_smile:

An issue on the Boulder repo is the best place. We can always divert to the Pebble repo from there if it’s a Pebble specific problem.

Interesting! I’m just logging on for the morning. I’ll start sniffing around for these shortly.

Thanks for the feedback!

You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

re nonce/Nonce … I set it to be case insensitive in my code to accept both :wink:

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