New certs on webserver not registering https for domain

Hi, I have had what I believe is the correct configuration on my website server with certbot. It has been well over 48 hours. Is there extra time to connect needed to activate the https?

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Certificates are immediately useable - there is no “3 day waiting period” like for hand guns…

It seems that your cert doesn’t contain the “www”; and that is why you are seeing the name mismatch security concern.


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When I look at the certificates you’ve generated over the time it looks like you switcht from a certificate with just the www subdomainto certificates *without* thewww` subdomain.

Also, you’ve generated a lot of certificates for just the base domain recently. Just getting more certificates without fixing the real issue isn’t going to help! The first certificates was as good or as bad as the last one. Fix the issue at hand, not generate more of the same certificates! You’ll be running into one of the rate limits if you do…


Ok, I will redo again and add www. Thanks

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To make your life easier, your nginx config should have both names in the same config.


Right now, they “do” different things so I’m thinking they are NOT in the same config.
[unless you meant to have them do two different things…]

Try this:
nginx -T | grep -Ei 'server|listen|location|log|root'


Yes, I added www. It works now. Thanks!


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