New certificate (too many requests rate limit)


Hi, I am in the process of creating a reverse proxy using a raspberry pi3 on raspian with NGINX. However, I would like to add a certificate to make the connection secure.

My domain is with points to my dynamic ip for my home broadband.

I have a free account with and have setup a script to update the ip.

The problem is that i recieve an error when trying to register a new cert as too many requests for have been made and the weekly rate limit has been reached.

Can anyone tell me whwn the weekly limit is reset and how likely it is that i will be able to register this domain?

Thanks in advace!


I don’t believe that domain is currently affected by any domain-based rate limits. I think it is sitting on the very edge, though (19/20 weekly certificates per registered domain).

You can check what limit you’re at using:

You may be affected by a different rate limit as well, but you’ll need to read the exact error message to determine which it is.

Is your server accessible from the internet right now? I can’t load it over port 80.

#3 in not considered a public suffix (
You should get a name from a domain on the PSL.


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