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It produced this output: NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID

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My hosting provider, if applicable, is: Google Chrome

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Hi, my website isn’t accesible anymore, due to an expired certificate? My website is hosted by webnode but I can’t contact them right now (it’s Sunday evening)
I would like to have solved this issue because our webshop customers will not want to risk an ‘unsafe’ website.

I really hope someone can help me?

Thank you so much in advance!

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Yes, it expired this morning.

The only one who can help you is the one who obtained the cert. If you did that yourself, renew your cert. If your web host did it for you, only they can renew it, and they should have done that about a month ago. And in fact a new cert was issued a month ago (see, but your site doesn’t seem to be using it. Your web server needs to be told to use this new cert. If you have a control panel where you can do that, that’s what you need to do. If not, your web host will need to do this.


Hi DanB35, thank you very much for your response. We are running a webshop and we are losing money at this moment because of this issue. I was hoping that there was a solution that i could do myself. I made my website myself and I have control about everything, but I don’t think I have a ‘control panel’. Where should I be able to find out wether i can access a control panel or not?

By the way, you are reacting very quick, it is nice to have people like you who are taking such an efforts to help other people likely at the other part of the world :slight_smile: (i am living in Belgium)

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Your webhost, webnode, might have a control panel that has the option to maintain/renew a certificate. It’s usually where you would manage the settings for your site. If there is not an option there, you will need to contact their support to get a renewed certificate or their help installing a recently issued one.

If you made the website yourself and obtained the certificate, you will need to recall which client you used so our community can help you get your certificate renewed and configure automatic renewals.

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