My domain is:

Hi i have the problem that i created a openssl private certificate in order that i cant find a solution for using duckdns. After i spend some time in research i find the txt solution and could get a certificate.

But now i have the problem that the browser shows that the certificate is not safe ....

Hope you guys could help me out.

Apache 2
Ubuntu 20.04

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The IP address your domain points to ( is a CGNAT address; nobody outside of your local network can connect to it.

Instead, it might help to post a screenshot of the browser warning.


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Thanks! Due to the way wildcard certificates work:

However, a wildcard certificate including only the name * will not be valid for : the substituted label can not be empty. If you want the certificate to be valid for , you also need to include (i.e. without the *. part) on the certificate.

You need to make sure that you include both and * on your certificate. won't be covered if you only include *


Thank you for you fast response!!

I try and let you know.


It worked! Thank you


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