Need help with this error

I do not know why I have two xtl showing in the screenshot. Also in the screenshot. Why can I not get a cert for I have never had any errors or issues with certbot before. Can someone help, please

OVH dedi server running OS: Ubuntu 18.04 with Nginx

Looks like you’ve got an extra pair of quotes around "" in your CAA record for


Thank you for the info. I just checked all my domains, they all had double quotes around "" I have now changed this. I will update soon

After removing the double quotes around "" I now have a cert for, which is great. What I do not understand is why is there two domains showing? No. 4 and 6

One of them is xlt, not xtl.

The names are taken from your nginx configuration files.


I would like to thank you for helping me out here. I’m a 60-year-old disabled geek lol running two dedi servers with no IT info whatsoever, all self-teacher since windows 95. Learned by Google (my best friend) and forums etc. My typos were causing the problems! :roll_eyes: DOH! Once again! Thank you for your time :hugs:


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