DNS problem: NXDOMAIN looking up A


I am using nginx on ubuntu 16.04
the site is up (checked with isup.me) , and accessible for every one

command :
~# letsencrypt certonly --webroot blablabla(sure is correct)

please help =[


You forgot to black (or rather white :smile:) out the domain in one part of the screenshot, and it looks like there’s a typo in there (missing “p”, I would guess). Could that be it?


blacked :joy: and the typo is fixed :sweat::sweat:
then i run the command again, and …boom

it comes again
no a single typo this time :sweat:


If you manually put a file called “test” with some random content in {webroot}/.well-known/acme-challenge (you might have to create that directory, as certbot deletes it after it runs) and browse to that URL, do you get a 404 as well? Any .htaccess rules (or similar) that could be interfering?


yes, i have some .html s in the folders
and if i remove this 2 domain ( blablabla.com and www.blablabla.com) from the command , it congratulations me :rage:


Two more things to check:

  • Does it work if you put a file without any extension in there as well? The files created by certbot don’t have an extension, maybe your configuration is sensitive to that.
  • You might want to try requesting the file while connected to some third-party VPN or Tor to simulate an external request, in case you’re currently doing this from the same network your server is in, or from some otherwise “special” network (that’s not treated like a random IP from the internet, like Let’s Encrypt’s validation server).


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