Need help renewing cert

Hi all,
I received an expiration notice for the follow domains:

The email came in to our shared department IT account (so not the same email address I’m using to post this question), but when I try to recover the password for that account I get the following:

That’s the same email address that received the expiration notice.

Is it possible that this cert was registered under a different email address? If so, how could I find out what address/account that is?



It seems that you have a certificate for Let's Encrypt. However, you have another GoDaddy certificate with long duration with same DNS.. so you probably won't need to renew it.

let's encrypt certificate issuerance doesnt have an account login option.. so where do you register the account? Is that from any web-based interface?

Thank you

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To clarify: of course the forum has an account login option, but that's completely separate from and unrelated to the ACME account that you use to issue certificates.


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