Need Help - No idea who setup our cert, it is expiring - how do i Renew?

Hi, I literally found yesterday we even have a cert on our site via letsencrypt and it expires tomorrow.

I created a new login in order to post here.

I have no idea who created it, who would be able to renew it and neither does anybody else at our company. I searched emails of departed employees but find nothing.

Can anybody tell me how I can renew this cert?

Thank you!

I am having the same problem! I just posted a question about this. I need to renew mine as well. My site is currently down at the moment. Would have been nice to get a notification about this problem.

Take a look at

Without any details, it would be impossible to answer such a question.
Let's start with:
What is the name of the domain?
What O/S and version?
Which web server and version?

I hope everyone in this situation can appreciate that there are now around 100 different software tools and hosting environments that incorporate support for Let’s Encrypt certificates, and this number is only growing. We don’t have any control over new ones (anyone is free to create new software that uses Let’s Encrypt certificates without asking or telling us), nor do we don’t have any way to “override” the process and manually renew certificates or push them out into people’s systems, any more than Google has the power to reset the password on your desktop PC if you forget it.

We’re super-happy to try to diagnose problems and point people in the right direction, and we want to help fix the problems, but our service is way in the back end of things and is 100% automated. We don’t create or have any role in the vast majority of the technology that people may use together with our certificates.

thanks for your response, I’ve never heard of letsencrypt prior to yesterday but looks like I’m just going to have to go a different route at this point

the domain is

just hoped someone could help point in the right direction on account recovery so I could easily renew but maybe that’s not possible

There’s nothing you need as far as “account recovery” goes, just start over with a new certificate like anyone else installing Let’s Encrypt for the first time would do. There’s no strict account setup here or anything - all an account does is provide a means to revoke certificates you lost the private key for, and as as way to get notifications for impending expirations on any certificates issued by that “account”. (It really just asks for an email on first issue and generates an account key for you.)

As Schoen mentioned, there are literally dozens of options for interacting with Let’s Encrypt, mostly dependent on your setup. We can’t help you without more information. Are you on Linux? Windows? Are you using Apache? Nginx? IIS? Are you able to log into your system on a command-line, or using a shared hosting control panel? Who is your hosting provider, or are you hosting yourself? All of these questions are asked when you create a post for good reason.

If nothing else, check out, which will let you issue a Let’s Encrypt certificate manually via HTTP or DNS challenges to get you started quickly. It’s totally system-agnostic, just requires that you can either A) place a specific file in the .well-known/acme-challenge path of your domain or B) add a TXT record to your domain’s DNS with specific contents. Then you’re given a certificate to do with what you please.

The “preferred” method for this community is the Certbot client, as it is the client created by Let’s Encrypt so it’s the most supported here, however there are plenty of instances where it’s not an ideal choice (not the lest of which being if you’re on Windows, since it’s Linux-only). If you’re really enterprising, you could even write your own client.

ok - thanks for your prompt reply, no clue how this all works just assumed there was an account tied to it that would have ability to renew

I’ll get to work on it, I appreciate the help from everybody here!

No problem! Let us know if you run into anything as you’re getting this set up.

I guess it wasn’t that difficult after all…

Now you might want to look into improving the sites security.
SSL Labs shows: “The server does not support Forward Secrecy with the reference browsers. Grade reduced to A-”
Look into:

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