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I’m using cpanel with Godaddy for a multisite WP network. I used SSLforfree and set up a certificate for each domain individually because it wasn’t working properly doing a bulk certificate.

What is the workaround for this?

Note: If you install multiple SSL certificates onto a single IP address, web browsers that do not support SNI may receive the wrong certificate when they access a non-primary website on that IP address. These browsers will then give false security warnings to your users. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on Windows XP™ is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI. The “Manage Installed SSL Hosts” area below indicates whether SNI is required for each installed SSL host.



Workaround for what? That SNI bit you pasted below your question?

Modern browsers all do SNI. Only Internet Explorer on Windows XP, which shouldn’t be used anyway, is a problem.

Do you have clients with IE on XP surfing to your websites? If so, you’d need to add all your (sub)domains to a single certificate. Or just accept IE+XP-users will get a certificate error.


My SSL certificates are not showing up for my other domains. Chrome throws up that warning as well.


So all sites are showing the same single cert?

Please be more specific or show the error.


I used SSLforFree a few months ago to create one certificate for multiple domains. When I went to renew it, I kept running into challenge issues, so I created a certificate for each domain. When I go to install each certificate, it overrides the previous one.

I’d like to know what I need to do for each certificate to reflect on each domain that is sharing the same IP.



I was able to redo the bulk domain SSL so no need to follow up with inquiry. Mahalo!


It seems to me that you are using cPanel, and all other sites are “parked domain”. When you park a domain in cPanel, those domains are bundled together as alias on the primary virtual host, and you could only install one certificate per virtual host(which is why it keeps overriding each other)

Thank you

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