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Hi everyone,

First I want to say thanks for offering these certificates its a great services that I use your services on all my servers and client sites hosting on them.

I have a particular client that has a wordpress setup on godaddy multisite. the main site is using the SSL certificate that came free with the hosting package but other sites need their own certificates. I am trying to keep costs down and hoping i can use LE multiple domain SSL cert. My question is can i generate for example such a certificate on my laptop and then install it on godaddy cpanel business hosting? If yes how do I go about doing this?

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Hi @jaquilina

you may do that. But you have to repeat that every 60 - 90 days. So it’s hard, not automatic.

I don’t enough about GoDaddy. But cPanel has a Letsencrypt-support which is the best option.


A few links regarding how to do that on GoDaddy with ZeroSSL:

However, LE certificates are intended to be used in an “automated” way, so you might want to try some downloadable client if you have access to a shell on GoDaddy.


Hi Mate,

Thanks for the information i have used LE extensively myself. I have cpanel i use for my freelance clients and im aware that it supports LE through Auto SSL part of the panel.

Sadly godaddy bastardizes Cpanel in such a way that you are forced to buy an ssl from them or someone else.

I did stumble across ZeroSSL which is mentioned in the first video. I might have to try and see what i can do with cert bot. I will obviously keep this thread updated as it might be beneficial to others.


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