Multi level subdomains wildcard certificate auto install in IIS web server

here are my requirements. I am building a multi-tenant site where the user check with there website name after they get their own is the automated Assume that my domain This site is hosted in a Plesk and the web server is IIS.

Just to clarify, here is an example of what I need: website and they get this URL: website and they get this URL: website and they get this URL:

my requirement is The wildcard can cover *

Public CAs are prohibited from issue Multilevel wildcard (and browsers won’t accept it)
and wildcard certificate only vailds single level of subdomain ( * won’t vaild for I think you will need “technically constrained subordinate CA” so you can sign certificates as needed.

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Hi @raju.admin

if the wildcard is the first character, followed by a dot, that's a normal wildcard (works only with com domains and not with subdomains or domains with a public suffix with a dot).

So start with some basics:

More difficult: I don't know if Plesk supports such a solution. May be using Plesk blocks that. I have no idea if Plesk has an API. Or do you create the new subdomains manual?

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