Missing LetsEncrypt Logo

This is my first post and it’s probably in the wrong category, so I apologize.

Just signed up and the logo image at the upper left corner of every page is failing to load. Here’s a screenshot…

This could very well be because, at the moment I’m forced to use Chromium 27 browser. Everything else seems to work though so if that’s it, no big deal till I can upgrade to a modern OS and thus browser.

You might be having some issue connecting to the Discourse CDN, it’s loading fine for me. See if you can load this, it’s the asset my browser is loading for the logo, also pasted below:

cdn.discourse.org has disabled versions of TLS and SSL earlier than TLSv1.2. Presumably your old version of Chrome doesn’t support TLSv1.2, the latest and only fully secure SSL version.

You’ll find that you’ll continue to have more problems like this as time goes on, because the new version of the PCI standard everyone who accepts credit cards is required to follow has mandated that everyone under their scope do this by next year.

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According to

support for TLS 1.2 was added only in Chrome (presumably also Chromium) 30, from October 2013, after an attempt to include it in Chrome 29.

I agree that this is a good argument for using a newer browser.

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Yeah. Chromium 27 can’t handle something about Discourse. Was able to get
it working on another machine with the slightly newer Firefox 40. Will try
to use that for LetsEncrypt community in the future though it’s a slower

Thanks for your help!

Here’s screenshot from Chromium 27 loading the link you sent.


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The CDN that Discourse uses, Fastly, is in the process of deprecating TLS 1.0/1.1 across their whole network. I suspect that you’ll start seeing a lot more sites than just Discourse fail using Chromium 27. There are lots of popular sites using Fastly and many of them will be following what Discourse did and only supporting TLS 1.2+.

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