Migrating WordPress site to a new server implementing Let's Encrypt for the first time

I currently have a WordPress website hosted in inmotionhosting without SSL (HTTP), and soon I’ll be moving it to DigitalOcean, and I’m planning to integrate SSL (HTTPS).

My plan includes, setting up a virtual server (Ubuntu), setup a WordPress running mysql, nginx, and let’s Encrypt, and then migrate the database and data folders from old hosting provider to DigitalOcean. Then I’m planning to access the WordPress database make HTTPS changes and add a redirect info in nginx to route HTTP to HTTPS. Once all the changes are done, I’ll change the records in DigitalOcean to make the switch to the new server.

My question is: in which order should make the migration? Can I setup a website with Let’s Encrypt with my valid domain in the new server, even though domain is currently pointing to another server?

I would keep it as simple as possible.
That said, I would migrate the http over first (completely).
Then introduce whatever new changes (like adding https).

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