I can't seem to be able to move certs to a new server, please help

I need to help moving certification to a new server.

So I have created a VPS that comes with everything to get a WordPress site up and running. the server is running ubuntu 18.04, wordpress, and let’s script.

After creating the new server, I copied the web files (wordpress, etc) to the new server. Then I empty the existing database, and imported the database from the old server, which is running on https.

Then I moved the letsencrypt folder to the new server and the sites-enabled and sites-available folders from the apache2 folder in the older to the new server.

Initially, I skipped the automated Let’s Encrypt setup because it’s already running in the live site.

However, after moving all the old files, I’m still not able to load the site in the new server. I don’t know why. I have to make sure that everything is working before I change the DNS settings.

The way I’ve been trying to test the site is updating the hosts file in Windows 10 and pointing it to the new IP address, but I’m getting refused connection.

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