Migrating Letsencrypt cert to AWS Certificate Manager

I have a domain called abc.xyz.com for which I have installed letsencrypt on that (apache for web serving) Ubuntu 16.04 as OS and added A record set in Route53 for some time - a year. Now the same thing AWS has launched called as AWS Certificate Manager.

Problem Statement:

I have created a wildcard certificate as *.xyz.com in AWS Certificate
Manager and created a CNAME entry abc.xyz.com in AWS Route53 and using *.xyz.com as my certificate name in the Elastic Load Balancer with 2 instances.

The Problem is the request is routing back to old instance (A record) with the letsencrypt certificate. We have also checked with many tools like dnschecker.org as well dig/nslookup command but found no look.

Please help us out.

Without the real affected domain name it is impossible to debug your issue.

Also, since your Let’s Encrypt certificate is working fine and the issue is with AWS you will probably get better support on the AWS Forums.

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