Migrating a domain from site a to b


hi there,
i have a domain which should be migrated from provider A to B. a non lets encrypt cert has been installed on site A. site B is running plesk with the lets encrypt plugin. the hosting data has been transfered and the domain on site b is configured but the lets encrypt plugin wont issue a certificate since the A records still points to site a (makes sense).
my problem no is, once i commit the dns change some people will see the old site, some the new but with no valid SSL cert. and i wont be able to issue a new lets encrypt cert until the A records change is visible for letsencrypt.
is there a way to solve this? how can i issue a certifcate for site B even though the DNS A records still points to site A?
thank you


You could issue a wildcard certificate for the domain.
Then you can use this certificate on both servers.
And both will work with the cert normally.


If you have access to the current cert and key, you could copy those files to the second server.


mkay, how do i do that? with certbot? since the plesk plugins does not work.
or is there an “easier” method. :slight_smile:


Wildcards require DNS authentication.
Be sure their is a plugin that works with the ACME client and that DNS service provider.
Or do the DNS authentication manually (since you really only need to do this one time).


ok, well somehow i thought that’s not possible but, turns out, it is :slight_smile:
thank you!

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