Manual mode with --test-cert


Hi all. I am fairly new to LE and still getting used to it.

Can one run the manual mode ./letsencrypt-auto certonly -a manual --rsa-key-size 4096 -d -d with --test-cert to do a test run?



Yep! manual just means that the client won’t create the verification files for you; other than that there’s no difference. The process is the exact same with the production environment, you just get a untrusted certificate in the end.


Cheers @pfg. That makes sense. I will give it a go. Thank you.


@pfg Are test certs also issued to


No, certificates issued by the staging environment are not trusted, and are not submitted to the CT logs.


Thanks @weppos! This community really rocks! Thanks for your help. Happy to become a LE user!