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On December 2018 I moved all my domains to a new hosting service ( and setup a Let’s Encrypt certificate for each one.

On April 2019 a2hosting experience a mayor situation on their windows server line and all of them where turn off as a precaution.

Since this situation took more than 72 hours to be fixed, I moved all my domains again to a new hosting service ( and setup new Let’s Encrypt certificates for them.

A few days ago a2hosting finally restored the server where my account is and now I have moved back my primary domains back to them (,

Since this server has my prior certifiactes up and running, I need to terminate the ones that I have setup on mochahost, to avoid having multiple certifiactes for the same domain on multiple servers, preventing on falling on bad practices (in case this is penalized).

On Mochahost I haven’t found a way to uninstall those certifiactes other than deleting my domains on the server.

Is there a way I can manage those certifiactes and delete them on your side? or I don’t have to worry about since the certifiactes wouldn’t be updated automatically by my hosting provider?

Thanks your for advice.

Hi @redactivateMX,

You are able to revoke your certificates at any time assuming the certificates are active and not expired. The method to do that will depend on the client used. Please see this revocation document for further information.


This is pretty much up to you and MochaHost. It’s about the ACME client MochaHost runs and how it’s configured. It’s not under Let’s Encrypt’s control.

It’s not a problem to have multiple certificates, assuming you still basically trust MochaHost. Let’s Encrypt has rate limits, but there wouldn’t be issues under any sort of reasonable circumstances.

What will probably happen is that MochaHost will start trying to renew their current certificate before it expires. If they know longer host the domain, that will probably fail. So they’ll periodically retry, maybe once or twice a day, wasting some CPU cycles on their servers and Let’s Encrypt’s API servers, until they give up or you delete the website or turn it off.

You can revoke the certificate, which will mean it can’t be reliably used, but that probably won’t stop MochaHost from trying to renew it. If anything, they might start trying to renew it sooner.

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