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Hello there I was wondering if Lets Encrypt Could Delete All my Certs For My Domain blackwolf.host I feel like there are too many and I don't know what to do. Sorry If I wrote this terribly I'm very tired / frustrated that my site keeps breaking on me. Stay safe and have a nice day .

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Let's Encrypt can't just "delete" certificates. Perhaps you could start with the beginning? What are you trying to achieve? I can't think of any issue for which deleting certificates could be the fix.

i have way to many certs and i dont use them and i dont wanna spam the system or wait a week to re try i rather have the certs i need

Please see the documentation of the ACME client you're using to learn how to delete certificates from it.

Also, you shouldn't delete certificates you're planning to use. Deleting them and generating them a few moments later only adds to the load of the Let's Encrypt servers for no good reason.

where could i find that info

What info? The info about what ACME client you're running? Or the info about the documentation? Please be more elaborate and clear if you would like to continue receiving help.

sorry the documentation doesn't an admin have to delete my certificates tho

Without knowing the ACME client you're using, I can't point you to the documentation of said ACME client. Also, it should be quite easy to find using any search engine such as Google.

allright, i just feel like a fresh start would be nicer than trying to fix things i dont know how to fix yet. error after error get frustrating for me and thats my fault for not knowing. so it really get confusing thanks for the help i will see if i can find that documentation

A fresh start could also lead you to the same issues you're having now and you could end up in the exact same situation. Especially if you don't know why or how it happened.

Personally, I recommend to always fix an issue. Starting over is only a last resort and probably not necessary.

Also, I would recommend you to be more verbose and more clear on this Community. For example, if you would have told us the name of the ACME client you're using, there probably was a link to the documentation here already.

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https://crt.sh/?q=blackwolf.host+ thats not good right?? theres way too many and yha ive been having the worst headache since last night and today it might be all the stress from setting up a vps edting html and this

Please note crt.sh by default also shows the pre-certificates which are used to get the SCTs from the certificate logs to embed in the final "real" certificate. Those pre-certificates aren't useful and Let's Encrypt doesn't count them towards the rate limits. You could see the pre-certificate and the actual certificate as just "one certificate".

You can also append the string &deduplicate=y to the query of the URL so it only lists one of the two. (It can actually list just the pre-certificates in stead of the actual certificates though, which might be confusing. But this option is helpful to show the number of actual issued certificates.)

See: https://crt.sh/?q=blackwolf.host&deduplicate=y

And yes, even with the deduplicate option, there are quite a few certificates for your domain. You should have been able to use the first few certificates and it shouldn't be necessary to keep issueing new certificates if you already have one for that hostname.

Also: you can combine multiple hostnames into one certificate. I see you have multiple subdomains, but have many certificates for just one hostname. If possible, I would recommend to put all the required hostnames into just one certificate. And don't forget the www subdomain, if necessary.

alright is this all supposed to give me a bad headache since i just started using linux a week ago and all of this is jumping at me too fast i just want to know if im the only one its a stupid question i know but i cant read the words on the screen in my head without me saying something wrong

This is the last post I'll make in this thread, sorry. In any case, I would like to advice you to use proper punctuation to make your posts easier to read. This will probably help you get more support from the volunteers on this Community.

Hi @BlackWolf,

Unfortunately, Let's Encrypt certificates are permanent and no one has the ability to delete them. The most relevant thing is

Revoking certificates does not reset rate limits , because the resources used to issue those certificates have already been consumed.

You can delete your own copy of the certificate, but there's nothing that you or Let's Encrypt can do to make Let's Encrypt "forgive" the use of its resources in order to issue a new duplicative certificate sooner.


Maybe worth the mention here:
If you are unsure about your configuration, you should be best served by testing it out thoroughly in the testing/staging environment before using the production environment.

The production environment is not the right place to test things.

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