What to do when I delete/down one of several sites? Should I remove it from LetsEncryp or is it not necessary?

My question is general and unfortunately I don't know most of what was asked to fill out the form.

What happens when 1 out of 10 sites with LetsEncryp is taken down (because we wanted to, not because a security problem)? Does something have to be done to make LetsEncryps stop trying to update the certificate or is it not necessary? The site used to work with SSL but we recently switched to LetsEncrypt.

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version): Microsoft Windows server 2019 Standard

Thanks if you can answer!

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Let's Encrypt is a Certificate Authority that issues SSL certificates. You are still using SSL.

You need to tell your ACME client to stop requesting certificates for that domain. What ACME client do you use to obtain Let's Encrypt certificates?



Thanks for your quick response.


I only work with Let's Encrypt on Linux and BSD, so I won't be very helpful with guidance on that client. If you can wait patiently for a response from one of our Windows experts, I am certain you will get the assistance you need.


Thanks anyway for your interest in helping :slight_smile:

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While you wait for a Windows or win-acme expert (I am not one either), you might try the below topic about renewal management


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Hi, if you have a renewal with multiple domains on one certificate and you stop hosting one of those sites you should remove the site from your certificate renewal if it no longer points to your servers. If you don't then the next renewal will fail for that certificate.

It looks like win-acme has a modification option : win-acme

For those also using Certify The Web who want to achieve the same thing, you just click your managed certificate, unselect the domain name in the list in the UI, then save the managed certificate settings, then the next renewal will not include that domain.



Thank you!


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