Moving a LE-certified domain to a different hosting provider

Hi everyone,

I am fairly new to webhosting so pls. forgive the newb question.

I tested a couple of hosting providers with two domains I own and I installed LE on both.
Now I want switch off one of the 2 machines I tested and need to move one domain from Host A to Host B.

Since these are still test servers I am not worried about downtime.

I have read these topics

and from what I understand, the most straightforward way to re-certify after I relocate my domain to Host B is to install a fresh certificate from scratch.

Do I need to worry about revoking the certificate on host A before killing that machine? If I don't revoke, are there any long-term implications associated with my domain?

I'm on Apache/2.4.56 (Debian 11) if that makes a difference.

Thank you

Welcome to the community @fale

Yes, that's a good plan.

No, revoking is not necessary. The certs will expire soon enough anyway.

If you were going to stop use of one or more of the domain names you could revoke it although not necessary. The main reason for revoking is if your private key is compromised. Your situation sounds like a normal continuation just with a different service. Best of luck with the switch.


Excellent, thanks a lot for your help @MikeMcQ :slight_smile:


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