Dear Family,

Our server: Ubuntu 14.04
Control Panel: Vesta
Two domains installed by vesta with unique Let’s Encrypt certificates for each domain.
A single IP for both domains

Dear, we have installed Magento in the configuration above.

Magento has multiple domains configuration ok.

The main domain: has a perfect SSL certificate.

The secondary domain: is with the message of Not Secure.

We already have the certificate instantiated and tested on the server for both domains.

But after review by google inspect it shows that the certificate is not valid as it is showing the credentials of the primary domain (

I need help solving this problem.

I did not find google a solution.

Thank you in advance.

Best and Regards.



Hi @claudiobiato

what’s your domain name? There are too much different errors possible, so we need to test some things.

You may use one of these tools:


yes, Not Secure:


Oh, there are a lot of errors.

Please check the output of

The good thing: The certificate is correct:
expires in 88 days, - 2 entries

Both domain names.

But the www-version doesn’t use that certificate, instead
expires in 50 days, - 2 entries

is used. So check your vHost, your vHost with as ServerName should have the www-version as ServerAlias.

Second: Ipv6 is defined (there are AAAA entries), but not configured.

ConnectFailure - Unable to connect to the remote server No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it [2604:a880:800:10::5e0:3001]:443

Looks like a firewall. Are your vHosts with ipv6 configured?