2 ubuntu servers. 1 domain. 1 subdomain. How?


Hi, I have created 2 Bitnami-servers through Amazon. I then run through their receipt.


One domain is mydomain.com and the other is nr2.mydomain.com

Now…the reason I have 2 servers is because the service on one is rented out and I do want it separatly.

The issue is that I cannot get them both to work at the same time. If I register nr2.mydomain.com then mydomain.com stops working and the other way around. How can I with 2 servers have a certificate on one for the domain and the other a certificate for a subdomain?


This needs some more detail:
(What fails to work? and how does it fail?)

This also needs more detail:
(What stops working? Are there any error messages shown?)

This also needs clarification:
(exactly what do you need?)


Yes, I get a message back from Lets encrypt that they do not support subdomains.


Can you post the specific error message? That Let’s Encrypt “[does] not support subdomains” is neither helpful nor an accurate statement. We really need to see the actual message.


One domain is mydomain.com and the other is nr2.mydomain.com

I mean that I can manage to register n22.mydomain.com and get the certificate working, but then mydomain.com stops working - even if I have not touched mydomain.com. So - clearly it has to do with the registretion of the certificate.

If I then change to registering mydomain.com - nr2.mydomain.com stops working (is not safe)


What’s your domain?

Exactly what error message is produced?

This sounds impossible – there is absolutely no conflict between having different servers with different certificates for different hostnames.


By the way, Let’s Encrypt has rate limits. Don’t issue too many duplicate certificates from the production environment while working on this.


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