Loading Contents from and Internal Only Domain Causes Warnings on Site

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My domain is: shoppingparts.com.br

I ran this command:

It produced this output:

My operating system is (include version): centos 6

My web server is (include version): linux centos whit whm / cpanel

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: limestone

I can login to a root shell on my machine (yes or no, or I don’t know): yes

I’m using a control panel to manage my site (no, or provide the name and version of the control panel): cpanel

hello i need a help i instaled the lets encrypt on my whm and it works for all my hosted sites but for the new ones it wont work.
i gone to whm and in auto ssl i turned on for me new hosted sites but it keepeng showing the error that https is not secured
how can i fix it?

Unfortunately, the domain shoppingparts.com.br doesn’t resolve to an IP address: the domain doesn’t exist in the Domain Name System.



The DNS servers of com.br give a “NXDOMAIN” (i.e., “does not exist”) for your domain name.

look this domain
it the same it respond to my ip adress but the unsafe message are poped

and this domanin https://desapegogames.com.br is on the same server that https://shoppingparts.net is hosted

Right now both are working fine (at least at the HTTPS layer), so I guess you managed to figure out the problem?

when i access https://shoppingparts.net it show a message that site is not secure and ask me to leave or enter

Really? With which browser? Can you get the browser to explain what it believes the security problem is?

At the moment it works fine for me with Firefox and Chromium, and also gets an A- grade with SSL Labs


indicating no problems with the certificate or certificate chain.

after choose to enter the page the error Not safe in red at the top

Interesting! When I access that with either Firefox or Chromium, I don’t see the images or styles at all, only plain text.

That particular error that you’re seeing is usually associated with mixed content (a secure page that uses insecure resources, such as scripts, styles, frames, or images, loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS). Normally you can test this with the service


but I was surprised to see that your site apparently returned a 503 error to that service (which it doesn’t show when accessing it with a browser).

So there seems to be something else strange happening here, since the site looks different for each of us using a browser, and gives an error when accessed by the whynopadlock service.

Nonetheless, I would suggest that you look at the HTML source for your site and see if there are mixed content problems. You can start by simply searching for the text “http://” in the page. For example, if a Javascript script is loaded that way, it can cause the kind of error that you see in the browser.

i dont know hat causing it ;(

The difference between what you see and what I see when we go to that page with our browsers is because of the issue about the domain shoppingparts.com.br. Many of the resources for shoppingparts.net are loaded from shoppingparts.com.br, which, as @Osiris said above, doesn’t exist from the point of view of the outside world. If you have it specially listed in your own hosts file or local DNS server, you could load resources from there, but people elsewhere can’t.

If you plan to use shoppingparts.com.br for your site, you should officially register that domain name and set up the public DNS records to point to your server; otherwise, you should remove references to that name in the HTML source.

This isn’t necessarily the only problem, but it’s probably one of them!

The tag <base href="https://shoppingparts.com.br/" /> at the very top also means that all relative URL references will be interpreted relative to that URL!

tank you i will fix it

please could you check it again?
the domain .com.br is online right now and the same problem keep going

Your site looks OK to me right now.

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