Link Preview on Whatsapp does not work with SSL ( https )

Hello everybody,

I’m on a shared hosting and i’m using let’s encrypt from my cPanel on two different domains and both of them have the same problem below

My problem is :
link preview ( or rich preview, or Open graph tags ) on whatsapp does not work if i share my link with ( HTTPS )

Example :

nothing appears ( no title tag, no description and no image )

but it works very well if i share it without the let’s encrypt certification

Example :

i don’t know the reason or how can i resolve this problem, so please help me


Works fine from here on primary Safari.
I’m not familiar with Whatsapp.


But it seems to work… This is in a message
on Whatsapp as well.

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Also, for what it’s worth, on Safari, it starts out as using the https prefix, but if I look at other tabs on the banner, up to Contact, then go back to Home - it goes back to http.

So you have confused links. Somewhere you are sending it back to http, instead of https. Which will confuse it no end.
Also worth checking this link. to do a check of your website security. It’s not good at the moment :slight_smile:

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Hi @SarahIbrahim

there is no og:image element in your site. So it's impossible to show an image.

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You might want to review this post:

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