LinkedIn sharing issues


Somehow sharing a link to a website that has a Let’s Encrypt certificate doesn’t work with Linkedin. Via an unsecured connection the open graph tags and images are fetched correctly, but via SSL these remain blank.

Any help would be appreciated.


I would start with some general troubleshooting of your SSL configuration, let SSL Labs run against your site and fix any issues (e.g. missing intermediate certificate, etc.).

If that doesn’t help with your problem, it probably means LinkedIn is using a trust store without the cross-sign root CA Let’s Encrypt is using. This might be the case e.g. if they use Java with Oracle’s default root store. I would imagine if this gets reported a lot, they’ll eventually add the CA to their store.


It’s a Linkedin trust issue as I’ve been having the same problems on multiple sites, all of which have passed the SSL Labs test with flying colours.

I’ve tried reporting it to Linkedin support, but they don’t seem to understand the issue!

As long as you don’t force your connections to redirect to https, Linkedin will retrieve the information via http. But that’s not really the point :slightly_smiling: