Letsencrypt-simple... help, please

I wish someone could write a SIMPLE step by step guide for using letsencrypt-simple – it is meant to be simple, after all, yet the “How to run” page on the wiki is anything but (for me, at least). I don’t even know where to begin with it…
I have a server (Windows Server 2012, IIS 8+) running multiple websites, and I want to enable them for https….
Step 1: download the .zip file, and un-zip. Done.
Step 2: right-click the .exe and select “Run as administrator”
Step 3: …???
Sigh… I know… it’s not the program that’s “simple”, it’s me…
SiIly me… I thought I was gong to get a nice simple GUI…

I’m guessing you’re referring to letsencrypt-win-simple and not letsencrypt-simple?

Can you explain what the problem is you’re running into? I.e., you ran the program… What for output did it give? What didn’t you understand? Does it give an error? Does it ask questions?

The Wiki has another page you might want to check: Command Line Arguments.

Yes, sorry, I do mean letsencrypt-win-simple …
When I run it I just see a command window. What commands am I supposed to enter to get certificates for (selected) sites on my server?

Does it say anything? Or just pop up and close automatically?

It asks for an email address. Which I haven’t entered yet, as it’s clear the program is not a GUI based thing, so I’ll have no idea how to proceed after that.

And the fact it’s not a GUI based thing hold you back? If so, then you should look at other clients. If not: enter your e-mail address and see where it’s going?

to be clear: the server is running a number of sites, some of which are already running under https. What I want (was hoping for) is to be able to specify a site, or a number of sites, and get them certified and the appropriate bindings set. Also, why does the default config file specify a 60 day period and not 90?

OH gosh - I see Certify is GUI… sorry - somehow I’d missed that!
[edit] oh that’s right, I remember now: I did look at it and it says it’s still in beta mode and shouldn’t be used by the faint-hearted…

From the Wiki:

It will scan IIS for bindings with host names so you may need to add one for this client to work.

So it does 'scan' (and I assume present to the user) for hostnames, but they should be 'binded' (or something, I don't use IIS) for that to work.

Yeah - I guess what puts me off is the How to run wiki page…

For anyone interested… I downloaded the “Certify” Windows GUI client and, despite it still being in beta, it all seems to work nicely! :slight_smile:

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