Letsencrypt-auto not working as expected


Hi guys!

When I first got an email that my domains had been whitelisted I went absolutely wild and went to install it right away.

So I installed git and cloned the repository. Ran the letsencrypt-auto command. Eveything running smoothly. This is were I get lost. What now? I’ve read that the letsencrypt-auto setups everything, yet nothing happens.

As I decided I must try something else, I tried to manually obtain the certificates with the letsencrypt command. Throwing me this error: -bash: letsencrypt: command not found

My server information:
Distro: Debian 6
Current domains setup: simonnorager.com & fattdev.com (however the virtualhost is not working properly, so only www.fattdev.com works)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Simon Sørensen


It installs it into $HOME/.local/share/letsencrypt, so you’ll need to add $HOME/.local/share/letsencrypt/bin to your path if you don’t want to type it out.


Great to know.

However, I still think the problem is that doesn’t install at all.


If anybbody is dealing with the same thing as I, here’s what I did:

Changed from Debian 6 to Ubuntu 14

I changed to Ubuntu as I’m more familiar with it and it has the correct Python version (2.7) installed by the default. That was my problem. An outdated version of Python. You could also fix this by; updating Python (really hard) or updating your distro.

Hope this helps.