LetsEncrypt at Bluehost

I have a LE cert for my domains on shared Linux hosting at Bluehost, and it expires in July. As BH doesn’t support LE, I assume I must have generated a CSR at BH and used it to get the CRT, which I then uploaded to BH

But I cannot now find any way to re-do that process. I did not use the certbot Manual mode originally. Did LE used to have an online form where you could generate at CRT from a CSR?

domain: suiattle.net
web server: Apache
operating system: CentOS 6
hosting provider: Bluehost
I can login to a root shell: no
I’m using a control panel: Yes, cPanel

At home: OSX 10.11.x

No, Let’s Encrypt as such has never had such a form, but there are a few online systems that work this way–zerossl.com is one that comes to mind.

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I’m not sure if this helps for your specific environment, but BlueHost does now support Let’s Encrypt certificates!





Brilliant, I had spotted and enabled the AutoSSL but not realized BH also now supports LE. Thank you!

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