Let's encrypt with SaltStack

Hi all,
I’m new in using let’s encrypt and i need to have an idea about how can i work with let’s encrypt and salt to gether.
Fist of all i’m working using ubuntu 14.10 and i have The salt master and slave and i’m already install and configure the nginx service.
it’s about :
what i need to put in salt

  • states
  • pillars
  • Formulas
  • The config in the salt master

Is there a clear example that can help m’or if any one have an idea can answer me.
Thank you.

hi @bainim

A) This is more a dev topic so I have changed b
B) i have seen discussions about puppet but nothing about saltstack

I suggest googling saltstack and certbot to review what other have done

Certbot does have a plugin architecture which is suitable for this kind of thing but it looks like most have gone for the option of running the certbot commands from saltstack. Not vice versa


Hi @ahaw021,
I’m working on this now when test it and every thing is all right i will publish the result, because reelly there is no sufisent docs about this subject.
Thank you.

hi @bainim

Automation and CI tends to be a fairly closed bunch of people

People tend to do things the way they think it should work.

To me one should use tools like salt and puppet to for example install the certificates not to drive multiple copies of certbot on different server (which is what most of the other salt recipes seem to do)

just starting to learn puppet and ansible


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