Is there an official Let's Encrypt tutorial or walk through?

Hi all. Brand new to SSL and Let’s Encrypt, but I’m interested in installing it on one of my sites. I see there is Let’s Encrypt Documentation. But is there a single start-to-finish tutorial or walk through that I can follow to install an SSL certificate on my site via Let’s Encrypt?

Thanks in advance.

Have a look at the getting started guide:

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OK thanks for that. Looks like a good place to start.

usually if you google your web server + os + let’s encrypt there is usually someone who has a gudie available (e.g. digitalocean etc)

the certbot documentation is also a good place to start


Unfortunately, while written with the best intentions, there are a few (a lot?) of guides around which are very much outdated or not really correct.

Think about guides requiring you to install git and clone the whole repository, just for the certbot-auto script :laughing: Probably there wasn’t another way back then, but nowadays there is…
Also, sometimes other unnecessary workarounds are used, because some features didn’t exsist yet.
So with outdated guides you risk doing things not really the correct way.


there was an attempt to have a curated and reviewed set of guides at some point so it may be worthwhile looking in to that again :smiley:


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