Let's Encrypt SSL and Woocommerce

Hi everyone,

I’m designing a Wordpress site for a business that operates an online flower shop.

I’ve never use Let’s Encrypt SSL for securing credit card transactions, but I received a recommendation to look into paid SSL certificates through SSL Dragon instead. There seems to be lots of bells and whistles but it’s quite expensive, especially for an online store that may not see a lot of traffic for the first few months.

Further research has shown me that many people seem to view EV SSL certificates as somewhat redundant nowadays.

Would you feel comfortable securing your eCommerce platform with Let’s Encrypt SSL or would you rather pay more for an EV SSL certificate? There’s a strong chance that customers will have the option of creating an account to save their payment information, so I want to be cautious with how I proceed.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @katovonessen,

I think this answer of mine addresses your question pretty well:

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Hi Schoen,

Thank you so much! That was super informative, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer.

Definitely feels like I’m more equipped to make an informed decision now.

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