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Hello @ all,

we have a plenty of Server which we have installed LetsEnrcpypt certificates.
Now we have some Shopping and ECommerce /Business plattforms. We think about to make SSL connection over LetsEncrypt, too.

But i had heard that SSL certificates from LetsEncrypt are only for internal server and not for Shopping Systems e.g.
Is that correct ? Whats about the risks ?

Thank you.

All Domain Validation (DV) certificates from different vendors, such as Let’s Encrypt and Digicert, work in exactly the same way and can be used for the same purposes. There is no difference in security, fitness for purpose or anything else.

A great many e-commerce websites use Let’s Encrypt certificates.

There are two other certificate types, called Organisation Validation (OV) and Extended Validation.

Unlike DV certificates, these link the legal identity of your company or an individual to the certificate that is created. That may be something that is important to an e-commerce website - it’s up to you to decide. But many consider OV/EV certificates to be useless - e.g. .

OV/EV certificates are significantly more expensive than DV certificates, and require your company’s identity to be verified by phone/fax/etc, so they can take a while to issue. Let’s Encrypt doesn’t offer them.

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