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Do you provide any code that can be added to a website to display a seal/graphic to show that the site has your protection on it? I have seen websites that have perhaps a graphic/seal that then links through to the providers site to show that it is protected etc.

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Many thanks


Use the search functionality before posting. This has been discussed previously. tl;dr: the answer is no. These seals imply nothing but false sense of security.


Hi @steve55

As @Nekit mentioned site seals are a concept which is becoming less used

The green seal in the browser bar is more trusted by users and browsers are now dictating how security is measured on websites

For example: a site that uses SHA1 certificates will still be un-trusted by most browsers even it it has a comodo or geotrust seal.

This is because from a cryptography verification point of view a seal has no tangible verification function.

For example a fingerprint of a certificate can be used to verify the information of the certificate is correct using OpenSSL.

A site seal cannot be used by any of the standard cryptographic libraries so ultimately is like painting a car red to make it go faster :smiley:



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