Certificate Trust Seal


Would you add a trust seal feature or trust certificate?
I am making my own design:

BTW I’m sorry if I am posting too much… :disappointed:


Hi @arcenas090,


(You can also find a dozen or so other threads about this by searching for “badge” or “trust seal” on the forum.)

In particular, we think that’s a bad idea because digital certificates are not meant to be verified by humans, only by software. We don’t want users to think that something displayed in the content of a site is on par with (or part of, or related to) the certificate verification that the browser performs, when the first is trivial to fake.

These seals might also wrongly lead people to think that a CA is approving the content of a site (or knows who the site operator is), but Let’s Encrypt never reviews the content of sites that it certifies, and normally doesn’t know the site operator’s identity.


Hear hear :smile:


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