Is there any copyright free certificate to use on website?


Currently we are using digicert ssl on our website. Which provide this norton digicert icon (screenshot: what we are using on site footer and on the checkout page as you can see on the screenshot.

My hosting plan (cloudways) provide a free ssl which is from lets encrypt. My question is that, can I use any certificate icon if I use this free ssl from my hosting which is from 'let's encrypt'?

Thanks in Advance.


You can use any icon you like (consistent with copyright and trademark law, and other applicable legal restrictions), but Let's Encrypt doesn't provide any such seal. For some discussion of why that is, see:

and for more information about why they're pointless anyway, see:


Hi, thank you for your reply. Do you have any suggestion to use any free seal which is not under any copyright and I will face no DMCA abuse issue? Thanks.


The only suggestion I have is to not use a seal--they're pointless, meaningless, and a waste of storage space and bandwidth. They also encourage bad user behavior. See also:


Is there a specific and GOOD reason why you would like such a seal? I'm interested what that good reason might be.

With regard to the Let's Encrypt logos and trademarks, please see Trademark Policy - Internet Security Research Group


Back in the Days of Yore, when eCommerce was in its infancy and people were hesitant to put their credit card numbers into these new-fangled computer things, having a trusted "seal" like that definitely caused a measurable increase in conversion rate (the percentage of users that completed a purchase).

So I'm guessing there's somebody "higher up" at whatever organization that still thinks that way and figures it doesn't hurt, even though I suspect that nowadays such a seal is at best neutral in its influence. Perhaps they have some evidence that it's still helpful for their particular users? I wouldn't count on it, though.


And, of course, if you Google something like "usefulness of ssl seals," almost all the hits are marketing pieces by people who are selling them. And, shockingly, the studies they commissioned show that they produce value for the site. Even the last link I posted was to someone selling EV certs, which are nearly as useless.


Hence the idea that SSL means you can trust the site. It was wrong then, and it remains wrong today.



Actually there is no specific reason, the site owner using digicert seal now, as we are moving from the old SSL he just want to replace that seal with something else. Like filling the gap.

Remove the seal and fill its spot with something else.


Try google ssl icon. There are many generic ones if the owner insists on something.


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